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CTEF and CTEG pumps

CTEF and CTEG pumps are the biggest in the range of CT centrifugal pumps with motor 5.5 kW (IEC 132), capacity of up to 42 m3/h and max head 47 m.

Specifications CTEF and CTEG

Performance curve

The performance curves are based on water at 20°C. Other circumstances might change the performance.

Read about how do you interpret the performance curves.


 Dimensions  mm
 Length B* 586
 Shaft to connection D 192
 Height to shaft I 128
 Width M* 242

*this lenght may vary depending on motor brand

Technical info Unit  Model/Value
Motor power   kW 5,5
IEC motor   size 132
Temp max °C 90
Viscosity max cSt ≈ 200
Particles, max diameter* mm 6

* bigger if soft

For more detailed information – please download our product brochure CT centrifugal pumps.

Int per CTDFandCTEF.en

CTEF performance curve – click to enlarge

 Int per CTDGandCTEG.en

Downloads for CTEF and CTEG

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